Prenatal Classes (Lamaze Childbirth Education & Garbhasanskar)

We conduct Prenatal/Antenatal classes designed for expectant mothers which teach them healthy birth practices for safe labor and childbirth. We are here to help you figure out what you should expect during pregnancy week after week. We are not only going to focus on your physical health but also emphasize on your mental preparation. Concerns about pregnancy like morning sickness, diet, physical & mental health, labor, breastfeeding etc are addressed in detail during these sessions.


Our prenatal classes include:-


  • Diet & Nutrition during Pregnancy.

  • Yoga, Gentle Exercises & Breathing Exercises for fit & flexible body during pregnancy.

  • Common Myths about pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding & how to overcome them.

  • How to choose the right hospital and doctor and how to communicate with them so that your needs are met.

  • Understanding labor and what happens during labor.

  • Comfort positions, massage techniques during labor for pain relief.

  • Father’s Role and tips to help him encourage and support mother during Pregnancy, Labor & Birth.

  • Good care practices for pregnancy & Normal Delivery.

  • Mother-Baby bonding after Birth.

  • Correct Breastfeeding Techniques.

  • Newborn Care and Infant Massage.

  • Postpartum Care and Parenthood.


Research suggests that women who have attended prenatal sessions cope far more comfortably with labor and birth process than those who haven’t. Some authors have been able to show a positive effect of antenatal education:-


  • Hetherington (1990) reported a significant decrease in the use of analgesia and a significant increase in the number of spontaneous deliveries amongst a group of class attenders as compared to a group who did not attend the classes.


  • Redman (1991) found that satisfaction with prenatal classes was high and that women who attended became more knowledgeable about birth and parenting.


  • Rautauva’s Family Competence Study (1991), a national project carried out in Finland concluded that women who were well informed about childbirth coped better with labor and had healthier babies than those whose knowledge was less thorough.


These sessions will not only prepare you and your partner for a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth through Lamaze Education, but also enhance your capabilities to transfer positive thoughts, energies and values to your baby using Garbhasanskar techniques.


Home visits are also available for prenatal classes.


"It is always better to have knowledge about pregnancy & childbirth than being ignorant and undergoing unnecessary expensive procedures and surgeries"