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Prenatal Exercise Classes

As your body shape changes during pregnancy your spine, abdominal and postural muscles are placed under new and extra demands. Prenatal Exercise classes are designed to help pregnant women cope with these changes, reduce back pain, prepare you for labor and help to maintain abdominal strength for better back support and postnatal tummy strength.


 At Eternal Bliss, Prenatal Exercise sessions and classes include:

  • Individual assessment during class.


  • Personally designed exercise routines to keep you moving at home or in the office.


  • Exercises to reduce and prevent problems during pregnancy like back pain, knee pain and other physical discomforts.


  • Exercises designed to help you in labor and have a natural birth.


  • Yoga postures for a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth.


Home visits are also available for Prenatal Exercise classes.


It is essential to do some form of exercise to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Lack of physical activity can lead to excessive weight gain, high blood pressure, back and body aches. To prevent this, you must work out.

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